Rushing down a snowcapped mountain comes with a lot of personal satisfaction. The adrenalin and skills to negotiate every track in the Alps, the Rockies or other top ski destination will create a special connection that will make you feel the need to conquer the next challenge such as the largest ski tracks in the world.

This post outlines the top 5 largest ski tracks in the world for pro skiers.

The Sarenne (Alpe d’Huez, France)

This is one of the biggest black runs with a descent of about 2000 vertical miles literally on the piste. The track is very challenging because of many glaciated steep slopes.

In winter, the Sarenne has a lot of snow, and the tracks are floodlit to make the descent spectacular. Conquering the steep slopes in Sarenne is not for the faint-hearted.

You need a lot of experience and extra stamina to conquer the sharp descent to the mountain foot.

The Last Spike (Revelstoke, Canada)

The Revelstoke has become famous for its large and long trucks reaching over 5.5 kilometers. Taking the lift for a steep vertical ascent to the top of the mountain will reveal the immense challenge of fast descent.

Unlike other tracks that are mainly open with little or no obstructions, the Revelstoke track is full of new challenges. Trees and rocky outcrops stand every hundred meters so that skiers have to master negotiating corners or fall.

Skiers are advised to take the challenge starting from lower points as opposed to heading directly to the top.

Zermatt to Valtournenche (Italy and Switzerland)

This ski track is about 13 miles long which makes it among the largest in the world. Running on the longest pistes, the skier starts on one of the world snow centers about 3,900 meters up from Zermatt in Switzerland.

The track then falls moderately near the border with Italy and ends 2,300 meters below at the Valtournenche village. To conquer this run, you need to take the lift about halfway because of numerous distractions.

Mount St Elias (Alaskan/ Canadian border)

Mount St Elias skiing trail is not just large and long, but extremely wild. While it is served by a lift of 5,498 meters, the drop can be extremely fast because of steep slopes.

So steep and wild is the track that very few people have the courage to go there. To conquer the steep slope, many people only manage in stages. In 2007, skiers Axel Naglich and Peter Ressaman managed to ski this vast track, but they did it in two stages.

The Vallee Blanche (Chamonix, France)

The Vallee Blanche presents one of the biggest ski tracks running from 3,900 meters over Zermatt in Switzerland.

The track is very wide and challenging as the skier has to descend 2700 meters in very tough tracks. The biggest challenge on this track is that it is frequented by avalanches which make it completely impassable at times.

If you are new to skiing, it is important to take a guide for direction if you encounter an avalanche.