The winter is finally here, and everybody is headed to the mountains. Yes, to the mountains to get the thrill of skiing.

The thrill of sliding effortlessly from the mountain top at amazing speed all the way to the foot is irresistible.

Even before you pack, the kids are already asking; will I come with you? Well, how well have you prepared them for skiing?

The point at which a child should be taught how to ski has remained unclear for many years.

At what age should you teach your child to ski? In this post, we demystify this question so that you can start preparing the child early enough and make an expert of him/her with time.

The beginning age

Well, get it right; kids are ready to start skiing at a very early age. As far as a child can walk comfortably, he/she can start skiing.

Most of the top skiing experts started at a very tender age; some as early as 2 years. When children are learning how to walk, the process is fast, easy and natural because they do not fear to fall.

Just like they do not fear to fall, the same case applies to skiing. They can even learn faster than most adults.

However, at a very early age (up to 2 years), the child is still developing and is good to concentrate on letting all the motor systems mature enough.

Top skiing coaches insist that you should start training kids or taking them to skiing school at 3 years.

Before that, parents are advised to concentrate on showing them related images and videos for psychological and cognitive development.

The skiing gear

While many parents might have started skiing in casual clothes, it is not the best method. It is important to get the right skiing attire to fit the kids, make them comfortable, warm, and motivated.

Besides, the right clothing such as helmets keep the kids safe and prevent traumatic experiences that can make them hate the sport.

Remember that the kids should not wear the attire for the first time when you set out to the mountains; they should be used to them.

Let a professional do the training

Though you know how to ski very well, you are not the best person to train the kid.

By allowing a professional to train the kid, he/she will get all the basics and learn faster. A good way of doing this is enrolling the kid into a ski program with expert instructors with know-how on handling kids.

When you get out skiing together, come down to their level and don’t expect them to be as fast as experts.

This will give them courage and motivation to practice what the instructor taught them.

Let the children learn at their pace, and with time, they will become skiing pros you can be proud of.